The PTA needs parent involvement for activities on campus. Please take a moment to review the committee descriptions and decide where you can help. Email the Volunteer Coordinator: Walker Fonville at walkerfonville@verizon.net


After School Enrichment
Program offers after school classes for children of all grade levels. Committee Chair determines class choices, coordinates with school staff and instructors for sign- up day and parent volunteers. Committee members assist Chair with implementation of program.
Chair: Laura Lay, lauradelmorelay@gmail.com


Art Helpers
Assist Art Teacher, Mrs. Moore, hanging student art around campus.
Chair: Laura Drinkwine, lwdrinkwine@gmail.com


Chair and committee members take care of the existing flower beds and may add plants, shrubs and trees as needed.  A green thumb is not necessary! Committee meets in fall and spring.
Chair: Leah Muhlenfeld, lmuhlenfeld@gmail.com


Book Fair
The Book Fair offers an opportunity for children and parents to purchase books while supporting Maybeury. Chairs oversee implementation of Book Fair while working with staff, committee members and other volunteers. Committee members and volunteers assist with set-up, working shifts and take-down of Book Fair. This year’s Book Fair takes place in November.
Chairs: Annette Bates at protobates@gmail.com.


Box Tops & Rewards
Box Tops and Rewards(Kroger, Martin’s) is a year-round program that involves clipping and submitting Box Tops to raise funds for Maybeury. Chairs create awareness through advertising in the newsletter, marketing new and fun ideas to the parents and encouraging children to bring in their Box Tops as well as parents registering their grocery cards. Committee members assist in the counting and organizing of Box Tops. Chairs submit Box Tops at the appropriate deadlines.
Chairs: Kelley Widdows, kellwiddows@gmail.com and Lavette Jimenez, ljimenez@apexsystemsinc


Copy Committee
This committee serves to support the needs of all the teachers at Maybeury with help copying, laminating, and preparing materials teachers may need for their classroom. Volunteers donate their time according to their schedule. Chairman oversees an unlimited amount of volunteers for this very important job throughout the year.


The Directory Committee is responsible for producing and distributing the School Directory every year. The Chairs solicit student and parent information and work with a printer to format and produce the Directory. Committee members may assist with data entry and also with the selling and coordinating of advertising. The Directory is distributed in the fall.
Chair: Diana Hudson at hudsons04@yahoo.com


Facebook Page
The Facebook Committee is responsible for keeping the Maybeury Facebook page updated on a weekly basis in order to communicate upcoming events and report on events and take photos. Must be willing to update throughout the year.
Chairs:  Amy Winegardner at awinegardner@comcast.net


Spring Family Dinner Night
A picnic-style event for the entire family!  Chairs are responsible for advertising, communicating with staff, working with food vendors and coordinating volunteers. Committee members assist the chair with duties and volunteer the day of event. Family Dinner Night is on a Sunday in May.
Chair: Somer Sentz, somer.sentz@gmail.com


Field Day
Field Day is chance for the children and teachers to spend an entire morning outside while engaging in team and individual races. Chairs coordinate with staff and teachers while promoting the event to parents and children. Committee members assist in the execution of the event and volunteer coordination. Meetings take place late winter to spring. Field Day is on a Friday during the month of June.
Chairs Kate Crone, katevzcrone@yahoo.com and Somer Sentz, somer,sentz@gmail.com


Fifth Grade Corporation
This program is an opportunity for 5th graders to learn the terms of economics and real business. This committee is child-driven with the help of parent leaders to assist with choosing, advertising, and marketing their product to the Maybeury community. Proceeds are then a donation to the school or a class gift. Meetings take place after school at the discretion of the Chairs.                                                                                                       Chair: Kelley Widdows, kellwiddows@gmail.com and Leigh Sanford, laeidson@gmail.com


Fifth Grade Farewell
The Chairs and committee members organize and execute all aspects of the Fifth Grade Farewell. This includes a theme, guest speaker, decorations, invitations, programs and certificates, and coordinating volunteers. Chairs work closely with staff and meetings are held throughout the spring. This graduation ceremony occurs the last week of school in June.
Chair: Annette Doll, annettedoll@verizon.net and Catherine Wood, hccwood@verizon.net


Fifth Grade Social
The Chair and committee work closely with the Farewell Committee in the planning of the Fifth Grade Picnic. The picnic is held outside (weather permitting) on a school day during the week of the Farewell in June.
Chair: Kelley Widdows, kellwiddows@gmail.com


Lay Advisory Representative

Chair: Diana Hudson, hudson04@yahoo.com


Mallard Fund
The Mallard Fund eliminates the need for child-driven fundraising and sales. Chairs promote this fund to the parents. Creative committee members will design and maintain a public display (bulletin board or chart) to keep the school community up to date with the Fund’s success.
Chair: Susan Frank, susan.frank@udig.com and Mahood Fonville at mahood@mahoodfonville.com


Mallard Mall
The Mallard Mall is year-round child-incentive program for good behavior. Chair creates and promotes ideas and items for the “mall” while working closely with teachers and staff. Committee members are needed for creative ideas and to help execute these plans.
Chair: Cherrie Labat, cherrie@exclusivestaffing.com and Linda Pace, linda.pace@anthem.com


Mallard Milers

Join the Maybeury Running Club Chairs as they coordinate practice days and times, recruit volunteer coaches to assist at practices and develop training programs for students who wish to participate.

Chair: Nicole Mumford, nicolebmumford@verizon.net, Betty Cusick-Davis, betty.cusick@yahoo.com, Linda Pace, linda.pace@anthem.com


Maybeury Items
Chair coordinates the selling of Maybeury items such as t-shirts, shorts, sweatshirts to parents and children. Committee members will assist in the selling of items at most school events throughout the year.
Chair: Tonya Urquhart, tonyaurquhart@gmail.com and Page Kral, pagekral@yahoo.com


This carnival is Maybeury’s premier fall event. Chairs manage all aspects including games, crafts, entertainment, ticket sales, food and volunteers while working closely with staff and teachers. Several creative and energetic committee members are desired for the continued success of this event. Mayboory is on a Friday evening in late October.
Chair: Emmy Woody, emmywoody@hotmail.com



This committee plans the Kindergarden Meet & Greet which is held the day before the school-wide open house during the summer as well as orchestrating the Hugs & Goodbye Zone the first week of school.  During the year they welcome new families to Maybeury.  They also staff Kindergarden Registration in April with volunteers.   Chair: Angie Fischi, angiehome@verizon.net


nList Help                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

This person serves as a contact for the school and for the parents needing help with nList in addition to setting up the nList program for the year. Chair: Julia Cowgill, juliacowgill@gmail.com


Newsletter – Chair
Chairs of the newsletter manage teacher and parent information that is distributed electronically to the Maybeury community each Monday with The Mallard News.
Chair: Amy Winegardner, awinegardner@comcast.net


Muffins for Moms & Donuts for Dads
The Chair works with the school to advertise and implement a Muffins for Moms activity in May and a Donuts for Dads activity in June.
Chair: Jill Gasper, jillgasper@gmail.com


The chair of this program helps provide opportunities for students to explore and be involved in the arts.  There are guidelines and training to guide the chair through the process.  A Reflections Art show of student art is planned for October.
Chair: Susan Hallett, shallet@tcfrichmond.org and Parker Dixon, orangebugly@verizon.net


Room Representatives
Chairman coordinates the room representatives. There are 2 meetings, one in the fall and one in the spring to discuss responsibilities and objectives of the room parents. Chairman is liaison between staff, teachers and parents regarding school and classroom events.
Chair: Somer Sentz, somer.sentz@gmail.com


Mallard Auction
The Mallard Auction is an adult-only event and the largest fundraiser for our school. Parents enjoy a fun evening out, with live music and food, while bidding on activities and items up for auction. The Chairs of this event will oversee all aspects of this event including venue, music, food, sponsorships, programs, recruiting for items, advertising and promotion. The Chairs will utilize a large committee of volunteers. The next Maybeury Auction is slated for March 4, 2017at the Univsersity of Richmond Jepson Alumni Center.
Chair: Mary Nelson, marycatnelson@gmail.com and Kristen Martin, kristenhall80@hotmail.com


Staff Appreciation
This committee works to recognize the principal and supporting staff. Most events occur in the fall such as planning a dinner for cafeteria staff, treat/snack bag for bus drivers and coordinating a winter gift. Chairman and committee members will meet in the early fall to plan for the year.
Chair: Michelle Gay, mkady19@hotmail.com


STREAM Lab (Science*Technology*Research*Engineering*Art*Math)
The STREAM Lab is especially designed for higher-level thinking and hands-on learning. Chair will manage the collecting, gathering and/or purchasing of necessary materials to ensure successful lessons, and solicit parent volunteers when needed. Committee members will help with teacher lessons if possible and communicate needs in newsletter.
Chair: Candice Martin at pxcmartin@verizon.net


Talent Show
This event is an opportunity for the children of Maybeury to express their talents. Chairs will manage all aspects of the show and will utilize a committee to assist with advertising, try-outs, practice times, utilizing the sound system, and creating programs. The Talent Show is on a Friday evening in late April.
Chair: Beth Ward at bethpward@gmail.com


Teacher Appreciation
This committee expresses support for our teachers at Maybeury throughout the year. The Chairs and committee with the assistance of other parent volunteers provide refreshments once a month for Teacher/Faculty meetings, plan take-home dinners for the teachers after conferences in November, and coordinate Teacher Appreciation Week in May.
Chair: Rebecca Johnson, rgsjohnson@gmail.com and Stacy Curtis, hcurtismom@gmail.com


The Chair of the website will work closely with the PTA and faculty at Maybeury to keep the PTA website updated in a clear, user- friendly manner. Computer skills are a must and the willingness to keep the website updated throughout the year.
Chairs: Whitney Tigani at whitneytigani@gmail.com and Amy Winegardner at awinegardner@comcast.net and Angie Archer at teckriter@gmail.com


Wellness Committee
Our Maybeury Garden needs tending!  This committee oversees the projects and curriculum in our garden as well as planning health-focused activities throughout the year such as Walk to School Day in October.                                                                                                                                     Chair: Bethany Spalding at bethanybrady@yahoo.com


Chairs of the yearbook manage all aspects of its creation including photographs, special events and trips, and working with a printer. Committee members assist with its creation along with selling of advertisements and the yearbook itself. Committee may meet throughout the year to manage its publication and distribution in June.
Chair: Kim Zincone, kimzincone@comcast.net


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